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I was chatting to a {very talented} fellow stitcher last Tuesday night who mentioned she spent some time reading through my blog. Apparently she noticed I had an alarming tendency to show sneak peeks of projects that I’ve been working on, but never get around to showing the finished products… :]

OK, I confess! My secret is out. I start a lot more things than I ever finish… my UFO list is quite long and now I’ve been found out. Ahhhhh!

I’ve been trying very hard lately to take on things that I know I can complete over a couple of days {attention span very small} and have managed to finish my Chinese Whisper block {of which I’m very proud} and now this…

…my hottie cover for Cam’s Hottie Challenge. Here is the sneak peek!

Here is another one…

And here is the finished item. Yay!

Front of my bookworm hottie…

There you go Evelyn. I do finish things. This little hottie is part of a group entry for an exhibition at Open Drawer to benefit The Margaret Pratt Foundation organised by Cam of Curlypops. Go here or here and check out a whole bunch of wonderful entries!

Back of my hottie!

This has gone off in the post today. Thank you so much for organising this Cam, I really enjoyed the challenge and think it’s a great way to raise much needed funds for a brilliant cause!

Oh! And for more creative spaces – pop on over here!


11 thoughts on “my creative space

  1. Anna Bartlett says:

    That is lovely! Did you actually sew in paper? Or transfer it to fabric? The background colour really makes the little guy stand out. Can’t wait to see them all on display (via Cam’s blog), can you?


  2. Silver Threads of Happiness says:

    I like! I have been thinking for a while that a hot water bottle at the end of the bed in the evenings would just lovely for my cold toes, but I’m yet to get past thinking 😛 Well done on finishing something, I am a cronic UFO creator as well


  3. Ady says:

    My husband believes I am a life-time member of the UFO Society. He’s right – I do have several UFOs around at any one time. Your hottie cover is sooo cute!


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