Loving the Little Lady!

Another busy day in the shop today, with more coffees made and no major dramas unfolding… yay! Although to be honest, I don’t really mind it when things are quite hectic. Usually I find that the busier it is, the faster the day seems to go. Besides, when you have someone fun and interesting to spend your time with and are surrounded by lovely fabrics who can complain? Today was no exception with the lovely miss Amanda, who is not only good company, but a fellow bookworm. She lent me a big bag of books to read… which of course was wonderful!

I didn’t get any sewing done when I got home this afternoon as I was feeling a little bit tired and lazy, but I did enjoy a cup of tea and the rest of Hester Browne’s The Little Lady Agency. It’s a lovely story, with two other volumes in the series, Little Lady, Big Apple and The Little Lady Agency and the Prince. I’ve read it a few times before, but it’s one of those stories that is just so warm and fuzzy and so incredibly well written, that I find myself enjoying it every time I pick it up.

Fantastic fiction describes it as “a romantic comedy about men, manners and multi-tasking” which is actually pretty accurate! The heroine of the tale is Miss Melissa Romney-Jones who although very sweet, is incredibly naive and has an alarming tendency to be taken advantage of by all and sundry. Through the course of the story you get to see that she is also a bit of a modern-day Mary Poppins, with an amazing repertoire of skills in organisation, etiquette, party-planning, wardrobe-overhauling and gift-shopping… among other things. Along the way, she organises a wedding, lots of hopeless English gents and of course meets her handsome prince… but if I say any more, it would spoil the fun! If you’d like a bit of light-hearted, easy to read, fun, think about reading The Little Lady Agency. It was book 16 in my 2011 reading list


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