book review: Becoming Scarlett by Ciara Geraghty

I finished this lovely little story on Monday night and truly recommend it to anyone who likes a sweet, sometimes funny, easy to read novel.

You know the basic boy meets girl storyline already, but this one has a few unusual twists! Wait for it…

Boy leaves girl {to join an archeological dig in South America} and after drinking too much, girl hooks up with new boy, in a bar. Much later, girl discovers she’s pregnant {with no idea who the daddy-to-be is} and takes on a new client {in her job as a wedding planner} only to then discover that her client’s fiancé is the boy from the bar! Oops!

Girl is one Scarlett O’Hara, boy in the bar is… Daniel “Red” Butler. Didn’t I tell you it was cute?! Anything more is spoilers, so if you have time for a little more cute in your life, find a copy of Becoming Scarlett. It’s nice… really it is!


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