What I love Wednesday {no. 2}

I’ve been thinking for a while about changing my hair colour and I’m kind of crushing a little on red. Mostly that lovely darker, coppery red. This folks, is a bid to keep myself interested in growing my hair longer and not going crazy and chopping it all off in a pixie again!

Here are some of the wonderfully inspiring ladies who have been swaying me!

Karen Gillan, Amy Pond from Dr Who…

more Karen Gillan… love her!

Bonnie Wright, Ginny from Harry Potter.

Emma Stone who may I say looks so much better as a redhead!

Emma again, but this time with straight hair.

The lovely Katie from skunkboy creatures

can’t resist adding more of Katie as she always looks amazing!

Amy Adams, loved her in Julie & Julia

Christina Hendricks, a gorgeous lady with amazing style!

So what do you think peeps? Can I pull off life as a redhead? I do love it. What do you love today?

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5 thoughts on “What I love Wednesday {no. 2}

  1. krystina / lollipops says:

    They are all beautiful red that’s for sure. I think you would be lovely with red hair, and I absolutely love when red heads wear navy, so pretty! I was a red head for about 6 months in my very early twenty’s, it was fun 🙂


  2. Kat says:

    I love red hair but I think my skin is too dark for me to go red. I wish I could though! I am going to dye my hair again after the wedding. It has been ages since I have coloured it.


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