Goonawarra Primary School – parent homework!

Our school is currently looking for a new principal, and while the school board are busy looking for the right person for the job, we have a fantastic fellow filling the principal’s shoes. Not one to rest on his laurels, one of his recent initiatives is to release a little A4 flyer into the surrounding community every term. The idea is to raise the profile of our little school and let folks know what fantastic things have been going on and what upcoming events might be happening. I think it’s a great idea and I put my hand up to help out with the design and creation of the flyers.

GPS - A4 flyer

GPS – A4 flyer

About this design:
I chose a cute, gelati-inspired palette, including teals, corals, bright yellows and oranges because I wanted to give the flyer some impact, while making it stay in keeping with it’s subject matter… primary aged kids. I wanted to keep it bright, but essentially gender neutral and used both a bold, funky header font {Brady Bunch Remastered} and a more bookish, typewritten, favourite of mine {American Typewriter}.


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