Nails on Collins – get pampered!

Who doesn’t need a bit of pampering from time to time? I know I love it, and sometimes it’s not just our neglected hands and feet that need a little freshen up. Just recently I had a chance to work with Val from Nails on Collins {a nail salon in Melbourne’s CBD}. Val wanted to update her salon menus and business cards and give them a bright, fresh feel. So, starting with a pretty apple green and vibrant fuchsia palette, I did just that.

Nails on Collins

Business cards & salon menus…

About the design:
Val didn’t really have any solid ideas about what she wanted for this refresh to her printed collateral, apart from letting me know that she liked the combination of greens with pinks. I started off by selecting a combination of bright fuchsia, pale pink and an apple green for a pretty look with a bit of pizazz! Then I thought about the fonts that might work with this bold look. A nice free-flowing, handwritten script {Pea Missy Cursive*} together with a nice sans serif with similar proportions {Champagne & Limousines**} might suit each other and the idea well.

Nails on Collins didn’t have any existing branding or specific colours {as far as I was aware}, but I thought some identity common to both pieces would tie the creative concept together nicely. I put this logo together when I was designing the accompanying marketing collateral and have used it and the floral device throughout.

Nails on Collins logo

* from the Pea fonts by Kevin & Amanda.
** by Lauren Thompson at Nymphont.


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