2012 Reading Challenge!

Last year I decided to just post a list of what I was reading in 2011, rather than setting any particular challenges or targets… but this year {as I’m now in a bookclub} I’ve decided that each month I will try to read my bookclub book, plus an extra one or two! That makes at least 24, with a challenge at 36. Whoohoo!

I’ve made a little button {that I’ll be updating soon} which I’ll pop on my left-hand side bar which links to this post so you can sneak a peak at my list whenever you like!

You can take a look here at my master list for 2011, and here is where I’ll post my challenge list for 2012. I’ll add to it as I read along… let me know if you’re challenging your mind for 2012!

1. The Night Circus – Erin Morgenstern {b}
2. The Clockwork Prince – Cassandra Clare
3. Spin the Bottle – Monica McInerney
4. A Fine Balance – Rohinton Mistry {b} !


5. The Hunger Games – Suzanne Collins
6. All That I Am – Anna Funder {b} *
7. Catching Fire – Suzanne Collins * 










* Currently reading these!!
** Read/Reading to the kids…
{b} Bookclub book
! Really not enjoying and struggling to finish.


2 thoughts on “2012 Reading Challenge!

  1. Wendy Sice says:

    I managed to read 70 books last year! I know people who have read way more, but 70 is pretty good for me. My aim is to read one a week, so the goal is 52 books, but I’d love if I can read more than that. I have so many books to read on my shelf! xx


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