a real prince…

I’ve just finished a great book in Cassandra Clare’s Clockwork Prince. It’s the second in her Infernal Devices series and I loved it. I know it’s classified as “young adult fiction” but Cassandra has a very engaging writing style and her subject matter is very original and easy to relate to. I suppose {if you know anything about the books} that might sound a bit odd, considering the subject matter, but the characters are very three dimensional and you can quite easily imagine yourself among them.

For those who haven’t had the pleasure of picking up one of Cassandra’s books yet, do yourself a favour, they’re great. In essence {and without spoiling anything specific to the story} they are about the fey creatures {vampires, werewolves, faeries, warlocks, etc} who live amongst us and the race of angel/human warriors, called Shadowhunters, who police them.

The first series Cassandra published was The Mortal Instruments, which is set in present day US and the second is the Infernal Devices series which is a prequel and is set in Victorian England. I believe Cassandra is now writing the two series concurrently, with Clockwork Prince – book two of ID – having been released September last year and City of Lost Souls – book five of TMI – to be released in May of this year… yay!

I had the very great pleasure of meeting Cassandra {be it ever so briefly} back in May of last year at her “meet the author/book signing” event at Dymocks in Melbourne. It was pretty funny for Ariana and I who turned up all excited {because we both really enjoy her writing} to hear Cassandra talk about her books. With the exception of about three or four other “non-young adults” we were probably the oldest folks in the room. I think the average age of the crowd was 15 or so… ha ha! I have to say though, even though Dymocks ran some pretty geeky competitions during the event {and handed out way too many chupa chups, which should’ve been a clue} I still really enjoyed listening to Cassandra talk about her writing, inspiration, motivation and her life in general.

It’s very nice to see that authors are real people, not just names on book spines and they think and feel the same things as we do, particularly about their characters. And while that sounds a bit geeky in and of itself, I think because we’re always a little removed from the people behind the stories, meeting them face to face is very refreshing. You get to hear their voice and humour that you normally only “hear” in their writing which to me makes the books that much better because you know a little bit more about what makes them tick. I also managed to have my copy of City of Fallen Angels signed, which is another bonus!

If you’re a Cassandra Clare fan, you might be interested to take a peek at these pages from her website where she lists who she {and fans} might like to see cast in movie versions of her books. Here is The Mortal Instruments imaginary castings and here is the Infernal Devices imaginary castings… all I can say is Gideon Lightwood, oh my!

For anyone who is interested, I’ve started a new reading challenge. Click the button on the top right of my blog to learn more {or join in}.


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