colour lover: soft & feathery {no. 9}

As it’s Blogtoberfest, I thought I should feature some of my favourite blogs…so here goes.

I’ve been reading a lovely blog, Virginia & Charlie for a little while now and thought it was about time to share it with you. I love the way Virginia writes and I also love the way that she reminds me a little bit of a friend of mine and a little bit of me. I think if we met, we would quite possibly be friends as we seem to have  quite a few things in common…I love photography and although I try, my shots aren’t nearly as good. Sometimes I’ll fluke a great shot, but that may be more my camera than me. Virginia takes wonderful photographs and seems to have a great passion for it. She also turns some of her images into desktop wallpapers aka Smashing Magazine, with and without little calendars to follow along for each month. I borrowed one of her October shots for my latest colour lover post below.

She also works in design and likes to dabble in creative and crafty diy pursuits like me. She has quite a few wonderful diy posts that you should take a look at, because they look like fun…if only I had more time. She has also inspired me to create some free printables. I already have a few things in mind to post over the next few weeks of Blogtoberfest.

I mentioned that Virginia also reminds me of a friend of mine, because she has a little, furry friend that features quite a bit on her blog…Charlie. My friend {who has a furry friend called Ollie} is also very creative and just an all-round wonderful person which is the sort of person I feel like I’m reading about when I read Virginia’s blog.

So go along and take a look at Virginia & Charlie, one of my new favourite blogs…photographer of the inspiration for my latest colour lover palette.

Beautiful flora image from Virginia | Virginia & Charlie | colour palette love here


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