blown off course… {no. 25}

Hmmm…it’s been a few days since I posted, but I’ve been a mite busy. Today I went to the orthodontist for what I thought was a minor repair {read: attach a new retainer wire, because the old one broke off} and she tells me some of my teeth have moved back towards their old places! Grrr, naughty teeth…so, it looks like I’ll be getting a few of my braces back on temporarily to convince them to get back on the straight and narrow again.

In other news, I found a gorgeous, plain white dinner set while I was killing time between appointments today. I’ve been looking for a new set for a while now. Slowly but surely over the last 13 years my beautiful Wedgwood has been dropped, chipped, broken, etc. until we now only have about five plates left. This new one is a white, quite modern, but classically shaped set by Salt & Pepper. I can’t wait to unpack and wash it all…a change will be nice.

Day six – a face a day…

While blogging took a mini hiatus, so did my little faces, but here is the next one…I really like the way her lips have come up. Quite curvy and luscious. I could imagine her standing in the prow of her little sailing boat, looking out to sea with her hair streaming in the breeze.


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