diy for tea…

So, just recently I posted about a cute sharpie marker style mug that I quite liked, but unfortunately it was a link from Pinterest and the shop doesn’t appear to still exist on Etsy. It was a bit of a shame, because the cup was cute and for some reason that song routinely pops in my head when I least expect it, so it really resonated with me.

I decided that because of that little fail, I should have a go at making my own sharpie marker style mugs. I have a neat little collection of plain, white mugs that came with a new dinner set I bought last year and thought they would be perfect for this project.

Generally in reading through the loads of tutorials around online, these tips seem to offer the most success:

  1. Give the surface a quick wipe over with alcohol first.
  2. Keep your design clear of the lip of the cup.
  3. Use oil-based sharpie markers.
  4. Leave your design to dry for a couple of hours before baking.
  5. Bake for 30 minutes at 350 degrees Fahrenheit / 180 degrees Celsius.
  6. Leave to cool in your oven overnight.
  7. Hand wash your mug!

1.Lots of tips like this on Craftaholics Anonymous. // 2. These ones on PopSugar are sweet! // 3. The Gold Jellybean shows oil based vs. regular sharpies. // 4. Pounds for Pennies also try oil based sharpies. // 5. Another tutorial over here on A Beautiful Mess.


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