dinna fash lassie’s, it’s an Outlander swap!

Thanks for stopping by! This is a general craft swap for those of us who are either a fan of Diana Gabaldon’s fabulous books or the more recent TV series… or both! The swap is being organised by myself (alittlereddress) and Hannah (quirkyhannah).

As this is a general crafty theme, you can make whatever you like tailored to your partner’s desires and it can be one big thing or a number of things. All we ask is that you check out your partner’s feed and create something special. You can include extra items (handmade or purchased), but these are left to your discretion.

Now for the the important bit:

Sign Ups Close: 13th February 2015.

Partner Allocation: Will be sent out by 20 February 2015.

Deadline to Send: 01 May 2015 for International 14 May 2015 for Domestic.

Now for some pesky rules…..

  1. This is a blind swap – you will create something for your partner in secret and not reveal your identity until your package is received. You will not know who is creating for you.
  2. This swap is open internationally so there is a possibility you may have a partner in another country. If we get enough interest we will try and match where possible to keep postage costs low.
  3. The shipping deadline is 14 May 2015 for Domestic and 01 May 2015 for International. You may ship a little earlier but please do your best to ship on time! If you are unable to do so or need to pull out of the swap for any reason please let Hannah or myself know as soon as possible. It is not much fun to be on the receiving end where nothing turns up.
  4. This swap is open to all abilities and all crafters.
  5. You must have an active and public Instagram account to participate. This makes it easier for your partner to find out info about you and your tastes so that they can create items with you in mind. Posts from private accounts will not show up in the hashtag feed. I apologise to those who are unwilling or unable to be public but this makes it easier and fairer on all.
  6. You need to complete the online questionnaire available here. Please be as helpful as you can in your answers but also bear in mind your partner might not be able to cater to all your requests.
  7. Please post teaser photos on Instagram using the hashtag #outlandercraftswap so we can all see your progress and wonder who the lucky recipient will be!
  8. When you have sent your parcel please post on Instagram tagging either alittlereddress and/or quirkyhannah or email us.
  9. When you have received your parcel please post it and a thank you on Instagram tagging us and your partner.

Sign Ups are Now Closed!

Any questions? Comment below. We’re both really looking forward to this and seeing what you all create!

xoxo Kylie


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