swap round-up {part 1}

Since the end of last year, I’ve joined in quite a few craft/sewing swap adventures and have managed to complete all but two. My last two swaps are all shipping at the moment, but because of the mountain of stress I had finishing off the last of my first-semester uni assessments, I fell a bit behind… eek!

I’m sending out a huge virtual apology to my two lovely swap partners because they’ll have to wait at least until the end of this week before I ship out their packages. Sorry girls! Here I’m borrowing from the lovely Cosima from Orphan Black.


kind of my personal motto – source

In between stitches though, I thought I’d post some round-up posts of my swapping fun…

First up? The For the Love of Jane Swap! Hosted by Molly McMahon Martin aka Rose & Odin. It was a general craft swap and my partner was Erin aka @ermire and here is a peek at what I sent to her. I had a lot of fun looking for Janenite inspired goodies, like toffee, tea, girly stationery and pretty threads.


Next came… the Rainbow Mini Swap hosted by the lovely Kate Basti and my awesome swap mama Terri aka @crookedwhimsy! This was a fabulous swap experience as I just loooooooove bright, modern fabric and low volume contrasts. And I really had fun learning how to piece these little wonky propeller blocks on the machine. Looking for fun, bright goodies to go with this mini was also fun and I really hope my partner, Chelle aka @chellempcs loved them all as much as I did!




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