Liberty Financial – spring carnival… gangsters!

I designed one of my favourite invitation pieces when I worked as a graphic designer with the Liberty Financial marketing team. It was a custom invitation for guests to the Liberty Financial marquee at the Melbourne Cup several years ago. The theme was gangster chic and I think these very much looked the part…

Liberty Financial - Bespoke Invitation

Liberty Financial – Bespoke invitation – I’m sure they went off with a bang!

About the Design
These invitations were designed to look like a gangster or “zoot suit” so that the shirt collar folded down over the jacket lapels and the tie acted as a latch to close the front. They were entirely designed in black and white, with the exception of the Liberty logo tie pin. I used a font called “Niteclub” to tie-in with the theme. This was the first time I’d created a form cut piece of art which was to be printed on quite a large scale, so it involved a lot of measuring, folding comps and checking and re-checking of trim lines!


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