Melanie & Andrew – who loves weddings?

Me! Me! I do, I do! I haven’t had the chance to go to a wedding for a while, but I really do love them. I’ve been hoping for a while now that one of my many cousins, who are now all in their twenties {and almost thirties} will take the plunge, but sadly… not as yet. While I love going along as a guest, I also love the excitement and fun of organising and choosing all the bits and pieces that go into making up the big day.

In the past year, I’ve had the absolute pleasure of helping put together some of those bits and pieces for some lovely couples and I’m about to show you some of them now. These are a few things I put together for an old work colleague and friend Melanie and her husband Andrew.

I had lots of fun with this project as I was given only the very briefest of briefs and a lot of latitude. Melanie told me that they didn’t really have a specific theme for their day, just that she really liked a certain pretty, duck egg blue colour… hello Tiffany and liked the idea of making a feature of the typeface on her invitations.

Wedding Invitiations & collateral

Wedding invitation, RSVPostcard and a gift registry card…

What we ended up with was an invitation, an RSVPostcard and a business card sized gift registry card in two shades of blue and white. I used one of my old faithful serif fonts, Adobe’s Garamond Pro in a few different weights and styles and all together as a suite, they looked very effective. Below is a larger copy of the gift registry card artwork which was my particular favourite, in part due to the gorgeous poem Melanie gave me to work from.

gift registry

Business card sized – gift registry


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